Answer phone programmatically

Hello all,

I’m in the process of pitching the idea of replacing our current phone system with an asterisk box. The one thing I have been unable to reproduce is the ability to answer a call programmatically. Let me explain. Our support staff currently has a phone with a headset that they answer via a program running on their PC. They simply click a button on the app and that answers the phone. Any guidance would be appreciated.


Look at some of the softphones that work with asterisk. They should do that. Only one ive played wiih is firefly

Thanks Rusty. I will check it out.

It wasnt clear from my initial post but they will not be using soft phones.


Try a ATA? look at Sipura 2000 ATA. That should helps… i hope

you would have to integrate a little bit of SIP or IAX protocol into the program you use to do the answering…or simply use a nornal phone and have asterisk call your program with an AGI…that way the person would answer the call and the program would pop up (instead of the other way around)

You could take snom phones, and use some script to connect to the webbrowser on this phone to start / stop calls.