Softphone that can send HTTP request or email when called

Hi All,
I need a piece of software, or softphone, that can perform a basic function when called. Perhaps send calling parties information to a specific URL, or send email to someone. Is this something that has been done before, and I just suck at searching?

What are you trying to do? You can use AGI’s, the CURL() function or SYSTEM() application calls to make outside requests before it is even sent to a phone.

Hey Davevg,
Thanks for your reply. I guess I am in need of a lightweight lightweight IVR. For alot of situations, I could benifit from being able to dial an extension and have that innitatte a service. THis may be on a asterisk box or Cisco CallManager. I was hoping for something that is as simple as a glorfied SIP client that can sit on a server or desktop and be rung to innitate a event. If it could get more robust then this (ie, send the extension that has called or have data entry prompts) that would be fine as long as its fairly portable and easy to configure. For instance if i wanted to be able to dial an extension and have it send a xml phone message to all the cisco 79xx phones. I could be totally off base here and something like this isnt really easy to find?