Announcement on paging group

Hello everyone, im new about asterisk. I have a pbx and i would like to create a paging group and every time when i call a specific number (extension or feature code) i wand this paging group to hear an announcement from the speaker of the phone.
Is it possible? How i can do this?

Well based on the information you provided…

You would first have to make sure that the phones that need to play the announcement are able to auto answer. Then make sure that when the specific number is called you either use AMI or Call files to call the phone’s that need to play the announcement and drop them in a context that plays that announcement.

I could be way off … .but this is what I would do based on the info you provided…

The page feature in Asterisk normally requires the recipients to pick up their ringing phones.
See it here: Asterisk 20 Application_Page - Asterisk Project - Asterisk Project Wiki

Most SIP phones, and these days people who fail to say which technology normally mean SIP, can be configured to auto-answer when sent a specific header. I think there are de facto standards for the contents of this header.

Phones should not autoanswer out fo the box, as the feature can be abused to bug the room with the phone.

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