ANN: Asterisk SMTP Fax Gateway - testers required

I’m rather pleased to announce the first release of an SMTP Fax Gateway for Asterisk.
After reviewing existing SMTP Fax Gateways I found none of them provided the functionallity I required.
Specifically I was looking for a gateway that could handle a variety of file types. The two existing solutions (that I’ve found) each only deal with a single file type.

Currently the gateway only deals with outgoing faxes.
It has reasonable error handling, with any errors being reported back to the sender via an email message.

The gateway utilises external applications to convert file attachments into tiff files ready for transmission.
The external applications are configured via a simple xml file which provides a mapping from a mime type to a specific application and set of arguments.

The result is that the gateway can fax any attachment for which you can provide a conversion application.

I’m in the process of releasing the code on sourceforge under the Apache license. I will release details of where the source can be downloaded as soon as it is available.

I’m currently looking for testers to assist with testing of the gateway and providing a standard set of configuration files for a variety of application file format converters.

The gateway is written Java 5 and uses the Asterix-java manager api and relies on the Spandsp txfax application.

Installation and configuration is extremly simple.

If you would like to get involved in testing then please send me an email at:
bsutton ‘that at character’

I’m also interested in what specific requirements people have from a fax gateway.

S. Brett Sutton