Remote calling solution


I am not sure it is the correct place in the forums but hopefully it is.

I have an office in Serbia with regular phone lines.
I am looking for a solution that I can receive and get calls out of those landlines remotely via a softphone app either on a computer or my mobile phone while I am away from office.

Does Asterisk have some kind of configuration that I can use the physical landlines RJ11 connection to initiate outgoing and incoming calls (Paying my landline provider for those calls) remotely connecting via an app (Hopefully paying as little as possible for this part besides hardware) .

Thanks very much in advance for your help :smile:

Yes that’s possible with Asterisk.
If you have Internet connection available in the box running Asterisk, you can use SIP softphone in your mobile or in computer to make/receive calls.
However you need to go through this ( to achieve what you want as it is not something ready made in Asterisk when you install it.

–Satish Barot

Digium makes several analog cards (FXO connects to the phone company / FXS connects to a phone) you could install in the server in Serbia, or you could get an ATA for the analog lines. If you go with the card in the server, you’ll need DAHDI installed. The ATA converts SIP to analog and vice versa. Once the trunks are set up, register a soft phone over the internet to that server, add the dialplan logic, and you should be done.

For inbound, just dial the softphone:
exten => _XXXX,1,Dial(SIP/1000,20)

For outbound, dial the analog line or group:
exten => _NXXZXXXXXX,1,Dial(DAHDI/4/${EXTEN},20)