Analog DID

Hi All,

Currently we are using Panasonic TDA-200 with KX-TDA0182 DID card for analog DID. Our telco(Macau CTM) provided 1 pair CO and 1 pair signal for analog DID. we would like to replace it from Panasonice to Asterisk, Unfortunately most analog card didn’t support analog DID.

anyone have a suggestion for analog DID? please advise.


This is a support question.

Also, as you are in the market for an analogue card, the best source of information is probably the sales departments of the card vendors, including, of course, Digium.

My main expertise is on SIP, but my initial guess is that Asterisk doesn’t have support for your usage.

Correct, we don’t support DIDs on analog lines.


Re the analog did card, please write to They have done similar installations.