AMI originate command with Sangoma Talk

Hello everyone,
I have one problem with AMI originate command.
I’ve an extension (ex. PJSIP/200) connected with a Sangoma Talk application on my mobile phone.
When I use the AMI originate command rings only the main phone in the office and not ring the sangoma talk on mobile phone.

I must use some special or specific parameters for ringing sangoma talk?

How can I solve the problem?
Best regards,

PJSIP/200 is an endpoint, not an extension.

Before we take this any further, are you using FreePBX? If you are you should be on

If you have multiple contacts registered against a single AOR, you need to use the PJSIP_DIAL_CONTACTS function to get a complete list of the contact addresses assoicated with an AOR and fee that to the Dial application (as this is originate, you will need to use a local channel, as I don’t think that originate can dial to more than one destination at a time.

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