Asterisk AMI Originate with Agent


I’m using PHP PAMI library to communicate to Asterisk AMI. I’m able to make a Call and everything works fine except the fact that the extension I’m using to call has a logged agent, and when I make a call from the softphone I can see the call in queue_log. When I use AMI to original call from the same extension the softphone rings I answer and start ringing the destination, but I can’t see this call in the queue_log I only can see in CDR.

        $originateAction = new OriginateAction("PJSIP/{$sourceExtension}");
        $originateAction->setContext('default'); // 
        $originateAction->setPriority(1); //

Any tip for this problem ?

Thanks !

well are they both using the same context default
als is your destination a Queue

can you cost the console out for both calls (as text)

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