AMI not responding randomly

We are running system with Asterisk 16.19.1 + FreePBX 15.0.36 with AMI functions to capture call related events and Originate calls through a WEB UI. The system was running without any issue for months. How ever it recently developed a error where AMI functions would stop responding randomly.

AMI function Originate seems to affected immediately.

When tested with below command the output will freeze randomly.

telnet localhost 5038

Action: Login
Username: ami_user_name
Secret: password

Restarting asterisk service will resolve the issue but its temporary. How can we debug this issue?

Thanks in advance.

HW Spec: HPE DL380 - Xeon(R) Silver 4114, 32GB RAM, 1TB
30 concurrent calls

You could try getting a backtrace[1] and it may show where things are hung. You are using a 2+ year old unsupported version of Asterisk though, so people may not want to invest time into it since it may no longer be an issue.


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