QueueSummaryAction and QueueStatusAction on 16.4.0

Does these two actions have any affect in asterisk 16.4.0. I dont see any response for them. please help thanks.

They are documented as existing in 16, and I don’t believe anyone has touched them in quite awhile. You’d need to provide an actual AMI interaction log and such to see if anything else isn’t right.

I tried it through telnet both of them worked.
I am using asterisk-java library to listen to AMI events.
When I request QueueAdd from telnet I get response in both telnet and asterisk-java.
When I request QueueStatus/QueueSummary from telnet i get response in only telnet but not in asterisk-java
When I request QueueAdd from asterisk-java i get response in both telnet and asterisk-java.
When I request QueueStatus/QueueSummary from asterisk-java i dont get response in either of them.

I am really confused what to do.

Can you suggest what to do?

What response are you referring to with QueueAdd? It may produce events that are then sent to everyone listening and that is what you are seeing for it. The QueueStatus/QueueSummary wouldn’t and so the response would only go to the requester.

As for why asterisk-java doesn’t work, I have no experience with it so can not comment.

For QueueAdd i get event QueueMemberAdded.

If both of them are using the same username/secret, will they both get response events for status/summary?

QueueMemberAdded is an event that is sent to all applicable connections when a queue member is added through any mechanism. It’s not a response to the request.

No, responses go to the connection that initiated the action.

Thanks for the reply. it gave me some perspective. asterisk-java wasnt working because it has a separate method for actions that generate response events. it is working now.

just one question. where is the wiki page for the queuesummary or queuestatus response events?

It doesn’t appear as though they are documented, so you’d need to do them and take a look to see what is returned.

but how do i understand the purpose of each field. i can guess but it can be wrong,

If it’s not documented you’d have to guess or examine the source code that generates it to see what they reflect.

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