AMI AGI Getting channel variable

I can not get a global variable with async:agi (via AMI).

“Action: AGI”
“ActionID: 555555555”
“Command: GET FULL VARIABLE ${GROUP_COUNT(total_calls)}”

I’m seeng this message: “ommand: GET FULL VARIABLE ${GROUP_COUNT(total_calls)}: bad substitution
Connection closed by foreign host.”

How can i get it?

Remove the ${}. I’m pretty sure they are implied here.

Thank you!

But No! In this function (GET FULL …) it need with ${}.

I found the different way to get it: AMI_Command Getvar.

It appears that there was a bug that was fixed about a decade ago that required GET FULL VARIABLE. I hadn’t noticed the use of FULL, which seems to be a workaround for the ancient bug.

I would assume that GET VARIABLE works like the AMI one. Generally they all call an internal, get variable helper, function, that actually handles functions as well as real variables and functions without parentheses, like EXTEN and HANGUPCAUSE.

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