Ami & php

Hello everyone,

How can I in php script get informations from AMI for the current call? For examle callerid, dnid, extensions…etc.
I configure manager. conf and include all stuffs that I need, but I cannot find command or functions just to get informations about the current call…


thanks, Anya

AMI gives third party control so has no concept of current call.

The get variable operation will also retrieve the value of functions.

Yes, I read about get variable but I dont know how I use it…is there some array from which I can get it?

Thank you for reply, I’m new with this and little confused

Here is explanation … ion+GetVar
but how I use GetVar in php to get callerid,dnid or extension from AMI?

You can use the phpagi library, here is an example to retrieve the data from given extension: … 77011.html

In thix example I must send a command using AMI…but I need in real time, to connect with channel and to get infomration about it…then I can parse them and use them. How can I get all informations about channel?

Yes you can adapt the example to do it “in live” is just a way to start, you can use core show channels to retrive the info