AMD or Intel for Asterisk

Hello everyone,

I was reading the book called “Asterisk. The future of telephony” and authors wrote there that Asterisk benefits from fast FPU (floating point unit) when playing back media files. So I think that FPU might be a bottleneck in setup with big amount of media going on.

Although modern Intel chips have better CPU cores than modern AMD ones in terms of IPC (instructions per cycle), AMD processors often offer more cores for the same price (not counting power consumption). So it looks like AMD CPU’s looks better considering multi-threaded performance/price. But their’s new architecture design which was implemented since “bulldozer” architecture is making me think that it is not the best choice. Theirs new “modular” architecture includes two IS (integer scheduler) but only one FPS (floating point scheduler) and one L2 cache per module.

So my question will be which chip manufacturer you guys prefer and how are you making decision which route to go? Thanks a lot.

Regarding to your question, here you will get answers based on the personal opinions,of the users ,and maybe none of them will provide technical details, that show which one provides better performing. So my sugeston is that search on the web. articles like this … est-936589. And then draw your own conclusion.

The problem with test scenarios on that kind of resources is that they are totally not applicable for Asterisk.