Is asterisk multithreaded? or does it use cpu multi cores?

I know that asterisk is a multi threaded application. That’s present on the wiki of asterisk.

So what I did is to test if it’s really working. I installed SiPp on a seprarate server and did a uac test to my asterisk server.

These are the results:

single core = 150 calls per second before reaching a dead call
quad core = 140 calls per second before reaching a dead call

From the above result, does it mean that asterisk is only using a single core when doing a SIPP Test (UAC)?

There is only one thread that reads from port 5060. For most people, the performance limit is set by media processing, not by signalling, and even for signalling, it is set by dialplan processing, not the basic UAS handling. 540,000 BHCA is a huge load. I have a feeling it is about an order of magnitude bigger than a main network switch.

Hi David55,

Thanks for the reply. It makes sense. I’ll do the other tests (with media and RTP) and compare it with other cores. Maybe this time, it will use the other cores.