Am I thinking straight?

** Disclaimer - Noob here, so please forgive my ignorance.

I’ve read and then read some more trying to educate myself on *. I think I’ve grasped most of it, but I’m still a little confused on my hardware/config needs for my home/home office * box.

Here is what I want/need/plan on:

1 * or TrixBox

[i]3 DID’s( 1 for home #, 1 for my home office #, 1 for my wife’s home office #)

2 Analog Phones (1 for home, 1 for wife) and 1 SIP phone (or maybe soft phone)

Plan on using VoicePulse (or similar ITSP) for IAX/SIP trunk to “connect to the world”, and acquiring the DIDs from them[/i]

I know I need a digium card with at least 2 FXS ports for the Analog phones…
…but do I need 3 FXO ports for the 3 DID’s?
…Or is that just if I were planning to connect to a PSTN line?
…I’m thinking all I need to connect to the ITSP is an ethernet port (and a proper conf file)?
…or since I have 3 #'s (DIDs) each one needs to be “mapped” to an FXO? If so, would a TDM824B fulfill my needs?

Will 1 * or TrixBox handle 3 seperate dialplans? For instance…
…if someone calls our home number it rings 6 times and then goes to a general voicemail box
…if someone calls my office # it goes to an auto-attendent, where 2 or the extensions can be dialed,
…if someone calls my wifes # it rings 6 times and then goes to her personal mailbox

Is this possible? Am I totally confused? Please help!

Thanks for answering my questions and keeping me somewhat sane.

Yes 1 asterisk server will handle all three lines.

Yes you only need a two fxs port card fo rthe two analog extensions.

The IAX/SIP trunk will come in via the internet. In the dialplan you will look at the “dialed number” and route the call based on that number. There is no limit on the number of routes you define.

I would suggest either straight Asterisk installed on you distro of choice or AsteriskNOW over trixbox (but then again I am not a fan of trixbox - too much stuff packed into a single box that is “mission critical” in ANY size company).