Setting up my first VoIP (total n00b)

K, I have tried searching all over the place for docs on how to set up a new system using Asterisk, however I have fallen short on the information I am looking for.

I am looking to set up a small system (maybe 10 extensions) and 2 outside lines. I have been reading though (Trixbox without tears found at … _tears.htm) however I still have a few questions.

1.) For 10 extensions and 1 (2?) outside lines I would need 3 TDM400P cards?
2.) why do I need 3 cards for 1-2 outside lines?
2a.) Do my phones plug into the ports on that card or just networked into a switch which is then pugged into the server running trix or asterisk.
2b. so I would have my fxo? plugged into the server and 1 network cable? or do I need the fxo, network cable and every phone cable run to the server.
3.) Will any phone that handles sip protocol work?

After reading this article the auther states that each phone gets plugged into a port on those cards…I guess I thought VoIP was all networked and didn’t need to be plugged into a specific port.

I am very sorry for posting this since I am sure it has been covered before, however I have been reading articles all night and haven’t found and answer. I did try searching the forum first though so please don’t slap me too hard for the repeated question.

Thank you very much for any answers you may have.


p.s. sorry if this is a bit gibberish, It’s late and I’m very tired and my eyes hurt from all the reading. thanks though :wink:

If you can get away with using TrixBox I would. Lots of people get used to it and then when they have issues they do not know how to trouble shoot it.

  1. It depends on what kind of extensions you have. If they are all going to be regular analog phones then yes you will need 3 TDM400P card or a T1 card with a channel bank. At the price per port it is actually cheaper going with basic VOIP telephones. If you just want the 2 external lines you just need one card with two FXO modules.
    2)You don’t see #1.
    2A) If you are using VOIP phones then they would plug in to the same switch that the server is plugged in to or if the server is on the internet and configured correctly you can plug them in to any internet connection worldwide.
  2. It should (there are always exceptions :wink: )
  3. With VOIP you do not need specific ports. Those ports are only if you are using analog lines.

Have a look at: