Alternative way of call-pickup (new feature request?)

Hello all,

did anybody think abot another Pickup() function for Asterisk which would show who is calling and let decide whether to pickup the remote call?

Probably the NewPickup() behaviour could be following:

  • calling person = A, called = B, pickup = C
  • A calls B
  • for sip the C may be informed about a call (via notify message)
  • C calls Asterisk and executes NewPickup() function there (e.g. by sip subscribe mechanism in dialplan)
  • NewPickup() hangs up the C and forks the A’s call so that B & C are ringing simultaneously
  • C may see who is calling and may decide whether wants to answer it

Thanks for your comments

sounds like a nice feature. i do something similar with XML in an all-Aastra production environment. server pushes an XML message out to the other phones that are a part of their “group”.

Also take a look at this