Strange Asterisk behavior

Hello all,

I have installed Asterisk on Mandriva, I use both SIP and IAX clients. Before a while I was using a TDM400P card, but now I switch to TE110P. The process of installation is fine, without errors, and as well as the routing of the DID numbers to my clients.

The strange behavior is that when I make a call either from SIP to SIP or from my mobile phone to a DID number, thus to my softphone, the phone rings, I pick up it but in reality it does not answer!!!It behaves as I have not answered.

I did many tests, and the more weird thing that I observed was that some phones was working fine. I could see in the cli that the phone is ringing and then is answered. For the clients, I use exactly the same configuration settings. I use an account to different phones, such as Grandstream Budge Tone 100, Twinkle, X-Lite, Idefisk, Adoresoftphone etc.

I cannot understand what is going on.
I would really appreciate any idea! I hope that somebody here has already faced this problem, in order to advise and help me.:smile:

Thanks a lot!