Allow anonymous registrations

Hi guys,

i want to create a redundant server that will be turned off at all times.

and turned on when i plan to do maintenence/rollouts on my production server… when the redundant server is up and takes the IP of the production, i want it to allow all registrations from xlite phones regardless of username/password registering…

any chance of doing this with asterisk or no?

Whta you are talking about is redundancy
like … -study.pdf

basicly you need to keep the configs in sync.


the hard bit is users are dynamic in astbill and the second server doesnt have (and wont) to that astbill server to check registrations.

If they are in mysql then so use mysql replication. Which would make sense anyway for resiliacy


no probs, was just curious if there was an allow all registrations setting, thanks anyway :smile: