All Circuits Busy

Hey everyone,
I configured my extension to ring a few times, and if I don’t pick up, then it’s supposed to forward the call to my cell phone. However, when callers are forwarded, they are asked for a pin number, and then if a pin number is entered, it says “All Circuits Busy.” I only have one outside line coming into the house that Asterisk is using… do I need more than one for this to work?


hmm - if you have only one line, how is the call suppose to get back out when it is occupied with the incoming leg?


Like p_lindheimer said above if you only have one line then you wont be bale to send the call that is on asterisk out. The reason is because your line is occupied by the incoming call. It’s like being on a one lane one way highway and you want to know why there arent any cars going the other way. You can either get a second line or get a VOIP provider (depending on which is cheaper usualy based on call volume).