AJAM - 'show http' not present & monitoring all events

I have been playing around with the ‘svn trunk’ and more specifically the AJAM interface that is now present. There are a couple of items I have questions on:

  1. The ‘show http’ does not appear to be present, even though the readme with the source code states this is the command to use to see what functions are available. Any alternatives to this besides looking through the source itself? Incidentally, ‘http show status’ does exist, but that only shows the status of the micro http server itself.

  2. While it is clear how to do a request/response scenario with AJAM, how may one obtain all unsolicited events in order to build various device state models? Does one have to revert back to the basic TCP socket interface for this?

I have the same question! Did you (or anyone) ever determine if AJAM can receive unsolicited events (ie: listen)?