AGI Variable

Hi All,

Could any one please tell me the variable name of call cleared,
reason, because i want to store it in MySQL Database so our client
normally they can debug what is the disconnect reason.

Cleard Reason like : 17 - User Busy, 42 - Temporary Failiur etc…

I tried using HANGUPCAUSE but it is always returning 0.

Any idea please

It is a bit difficult to understand your question but I think you are looking for the variable DialStatus

Hi zmanea,

Sorry for incomplete topic, i am not looking for DialStatus.
I need to get the Call Clearence Resaon Q931.
If u seen the error like:
No Route Destination
Temporary Failiur
User Busy
No circuit/channel available (34)
No answer from user (user alerted) (19)

this is Disconnect Code q931, So i wanted to store these information in Databse.

I hope this will be more clear to get my point.

Check here: … use&diff=3

it should be with the hangupcause variable.