Detailed hangup cause for ${REASON} variable in call files


I am using asterisk 10.11.0
We are using the call files for bulk calling. The problem I am facing is :

When my call fails, the call result is stored in ${REASON} variable. I am using this in “failed” extension to get the reason of failure. I am getting the following results:
0 - Failed (not busy or congested)
1 - Hung up
3 - Ring timeout
5 - Busy
8 - Congestion

The above results are not sufficient for analysis. I want the detailed release cause of the call like ISDN cause or something with more details of why the call failed.

When I am using ${HANGUPCAUSE} I am always getting the result as “0”.

Can anyone help me with the same?

Thanks in advance if anyone can help me with this…

It is possible to do this using AMI (that’s the way our dialer works).

hi…i also had the same problem while generating the bulk calls using call files.The ${Reason} variable does not gives the detail reason for failure of calls.I want read the ISDN cause code getting from ISDN line so i can further try to regenerate the calls that failed .so please help me to resolve the issue …waiting for the response.

Thanks in advance. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hai … have you got any solution for this ?