AGI/Asterisk Manager - command to tell if any phones in use?

I’m looking for a way via the Asterisk Manager API (telnet pbx-hostname 5038) to tell whether or not there are any SIP phones (Polycom) in use.

i.e.: Tell me if anyone is on the phone, or if the lines are all quiet.

I want to be able to monitor this… it would be even better if I could have Asterisk send a message somehow whenever a phone was in use… ideas?

  • Keith

you can listen for the events like link and hangup or you ca call the “Status” action and get the Status events from that.

How do I call the ‘status’ option…?

I assumed it was a command… but when I type ‘status’ at the CLI prompt, I get “No such command …”

try issuing this command:
sip show channels

good day!