Agent logoff and logon

Hello All,

in my understanding is when User Logoff then it meant the user is not ready to accept inbound call and Logon meant the user is ready to accept inbound call… (pls correct me if I’m wrong)

I am using Asterisk 1.8.3 (FreePBX 2.9.0)…
I have configured Features Code: *12 for logoff and *11 for logon …
but it doesnot work…
what I missed?

please help

Thanks & Regards

I wasn’t aware that Asterisk features could be used in relation to logging on agents; I thought you had to use the AgentLogin application explicitly from the dialplan. I sense a being involved here.

Also note that the AgentCallbackLogin is deprecated, so the only really approved way to logout an agent is hang up the agent phone.

In any case, you need to provide verbose console logs so that we can understand what you re doing and look for symptoms of what is going wrong.

Actually, it is looking very like this whole thing relates to FreePBX, rather than Asterisk.

Hi, thanks
I tried below for AgentLogin (556) & AgentLogoff (557)
it works for AgentLogin…
but why AgentLogoff not working? … (dial 557 to logoff)

I tried to put below:

my extensions_custom.conf

exten = _556,1,AgentLogin()
exten = _557,1,AgentLogoff()

and my agents.conf:


AgentLogoff can only be used with AgentCallBackLogin, which is deprecated.

To finish an AgentLogin session, you simply hangup the phone.