Auto-logout of agents logged in with 'AgentLogin'

While working with Asterisk Queues and the command AgentLogin is it possible to have the AgentLogout based on an event or timeframe? I know there is the auto logoff based on the ring timout, but this is not really satisfying the requirement.

What I am looking for, is more of a traditional ACD scenario (using the AgentCallbackLogin is not an option for various reasons) where after a call takes a call they are set to unavailable/wrap-up (and hardcoding wrap-up time in the agents.conf is not a solution either) and then also have the choice to logout. Also, an option here is not to disconnect, as I would like to apply treatments in the dialplan after they ‘logout’.

Any ideas?

What do you mean by you would like to apply treatments after they logged out?

Won’t a “pause” of the Agent do what you want?

Indeed PauseQueueMember makes them ‘unavailable’. But I want to be able to take them out of queue, apply some additional dialplan logic and then log them back into queue with a Goto.

Any ideas?

Depending on the additional dialplan logic, I would think that it can be achieved with AGI or FAGI.

Maybe you can give me a simple example scenario that you would like to achieve.