AEL Features in 1.2 RC2

So, I’m experiementing with Asterisk 1.2 RC2.

Seems that you STILL have to completely stop and restart asterisk for changes made to extensions.ael to become applied.

It also seems that #include doesn’t work.

Call me crazy, but I would have thought that these where two features that would have been show stoppers for the final 1.2 release. They certainly are show stoppers for us, as I imagine they would be for anyone in a production environment.

I agree, these are two key features that should really be a part of any RC/General Release. As AEL is largely unuseable in a serious environment without reload capabilities. Also, it appears what is recommended on the Wiki, does not work either:

Although I have not tested on RC2, or had a chance to see if it is considered a bug or is not included as a feature.

Yip. I tried both reload and reload Funny… ‘stop now’ worked. :stuck_out_tongue:

Someone on the VOIP wiki wrote:

Reloading doesn’t reload extensions
Bizarely, the following does it

Interesting workaround.

These two issues (I don’t know how they are NOT bugs, but…) are the main reason I stopped playing with AEL a couple weeks ago.

The irony is that with a new feature like this, you probably want to gradually migrate your extensions.conf to extensions.ael (and #include friends), so both features seem pretty essential.