Advice required about dialplan

Hi all,

I’m new to Asterisk. I just put a new asterisk server for my company and it works. But it’s a basic configuration and now I want to evolve it.

The dialplan is really simple. When you call there is a message runningto say press 1 for support and 2 for sales. Then it waits the action. If the caller press the correct number it rings the phone. If he waits then it hangup.

My point is I want run the message several times before it redirect the call automatically to the support team. I think I should use the queues and parked calls. I’ve read the documentation but I’m quite lost.

We are using only SIP accounts, all docs I reed was for PSTN and FXO card.

Does someone have advice on how to make that ?

Thank you.

Hi bricecapelle!

Here you might get some ideas about the IVR you are talking about!

I’m reading it. Thank for the information ! This website is full of good info :wink:

Sorry to answer the late answer but I thought I had the notification upon answer …