Hi Guys,

I am new with asterisk and I am using asterisk 1.4.11 and I need help setting up dialplan. I have successfully tested SIP to SIP and SIP to PSTN Calls and defined dialplan in extensions.conf. Now can you people please tell me the syntax to achieve call recording, forwarding, call waiting etc.

Any help would greatly be appreciated.

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Zaeem Sherazi

My advice is to read information available on the web and on this forum. If you are finished reading and trying and you still have some concrete questions feel free to post them.

asteriskguru voipwiki and this asterik forum are good places to start.


Thanks for your reply. There are no of posts/replies in this forum but I am confused that from where to start. Can you please recommend me starting point.

Thanks and Regards

Zaeem Sherazi

Asterisk: the future of telephony is a good book to learn about telephony and about asterisk. It has a kind of gpl licence so you can download it. (see asteriskdocs.org/)

check asteriskguru.com. This is a site with lots of usefull information.

google on asterisk command base like “dial cmd asterisk” and a lot of examples will show up.

type “show applications” on the cli so you get an idea about what is available.

Just start trying with configuring for inbound and outbound calls, menu’s, etc. and you will learn in the process. As soon as you understand the basics the real fun begins. Success.