Advice on automating SIP trunking testing


  1. With [pjsip logging], you’ve got a convenient tool to capture PCAP files.
    Ultimately, I would like to programmatically filter this captured data to check, for instance, that a precise INVITE (ie one INVITE among several others) has some given characteristics (presence of a Header, value attached to this header, …).

Which tools would you select for that ?
If possible something you can integrate in Python would be appreciated.
I’ve already found something called Scapy but I’ve tried it yet.

pjsip logging

  1. Alternatively, I was thinking of using HEP/Homer/Sipcapture.
    It requires me to change the System Under Test itself.
    I’m not sure it would so easy to filter HEP/Homer/Sipcapture database from a (Python or else) program.
    Thoughts ?

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You can go for a classic SIPP, pjsip automation tool like voip_patrol or more high-level framework that combines it like VOLTS

Thank you very much for your reply.
Beside SIPp I already used, both voip_patrol and VOLTS seem to be very interesting.
Thanks again !

Asterisk itself can show the SIP packets in its console, if you enable the right level of logging with

pjsip set logger verbose on
pjsip set logger on

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