Missing SIP messages in ASTERISK logs


We are experiencing an issue where we can see that some SIP messages are visible in PCAP but not in ASTERISK debug logs. We are running on CentOS Linux 8 and Asterisk 18.6.0.

Is there any way to check why this is happening? Any log files we can check?

Try this guide:

PJSIP doesn’t log with Asterisk logging. About the best you can do is enable logging to a PCAP file; or enable debugging and watch the Asterisk console.

Thanks for the reply dewdude.

I forgot to mention that we retained chan_sip when we upgraded to ASTERISK 18. Could there be a possible issue with chan_sip?

I don’t know. It’s been recommended to use chan_pjsip for quite some time. In fact I believe chan_sip is up for removal in Asterisk 20.

Module deprecations are on the wiki[1]. The chan_sip module will disappear from master, and thus 21, anytime now.

[1] Asterisk Module Deprecations - Asterisk Project - Asterisk Project Wiki

Thanks for the answers guys. We’ll try to upgrade ASTERISK and use PJSIP.

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