Advantages of integration Asterisk with database

Like in the subject: What’s the point of this? Is there anything that cannot be accomplished without database? Or maybe it makes some things easier?
I’d appreciate any suggestions.
(I googled it, but didn’t find anything useful)

There are plenty of reasons to use a database with Asterisk. And depending on your needs or use, there are plenty of reasons not to.

For me, I use the database to sore things like Holidays, Time of Day controls for Auto attendants and Queues, as well as agent information for ACD. My IVR application absolutely could not run without a database. Everything in the database can be updated without touching dial plan code making it less error prone(IMO).

With information in a database, you can allow end users access to a database front end, complete with security of course, that will allow them to manipulate the data that they are responsible for without giving them any access to the Asterisk server.