ADIT 600 with CMG card snags


I am using ADIT’s 600 with CMG card via MGCP with asterisk, and this is an excellent hardware, great sound quality and very reliable, however there are two snags which mar this excellent platform:

  1. Several seconds delay after the user composes the number and the CMG card sends the number to asterisk. When an user composes the outgoing DID, the CMG card will wait for the inter-digit delay following the last digit before sending the number. This gives 5-6 seconds of dead delay to the user, which is quite irritating. Is there a way to avoid this delay and tell the CMG card to send digits one-by-one? I read about some type of dial plan for the CMG card, but have no idea of how to make it. Do I need to purchase some extension from Force10 Networks?

  2. Have not being able to make call waiting (i.e. second call on same line) working over MGCP / CMG card. Some ideas / examples?

Any advice appreciated,

Hello again, just to note that first topic got resolved - the card sends digits immediately, one-by-one, it is my dial plan that introduces delay.