Adding SIP registration for provider to PJSIP


Is it possible to accomplish this with MySQL?:


type = registration
server_uri =
client_uri =
contact_user = inbound-calls
outbound_auth = provider_auth
type = auth
username = my_username
password = my_password

I would like to add new carriers dynamically without interrupting the calls.


Regardless if the configuration is in a .conf or database, you still have to reload. The act of reloading does not interrupt calls.

On the mailinglist I read, that registration will be reset (incoming calls unavailable) until asterisk tries to register again.
Is this still the case with recent releases? The topic was from 2008.

The act of reloading doesn’t interrupt that or cause it.

Can you give me a hint where I can configure the trunk?
The table ps_registrations makes sense for the server part but it lacks type=auth.

The auth types are configured in ps_auths.

Ah, okay. Makes sence with “outbound_auth”.

Thank you, I will try it!

Works perfectly fine!
Thank you!