PJSIP SIP Registrations

I have a couple of questions regarding PJSIP SIP Registrations.

I am using PJSIP Extensions and registering to the extension from my SIP Client.

  1. Every time a SIP Register is sent to Asterisks a SIP Notify for voicemail is delivered back to the client. Is there a way to have the Notify be sent only on the initial or NEW Registration and not a re-registration (refresh). The re-registration is using the same callID and increments the cseq value so it should not be considered a NEW registration.

  2. Instead of my SIP client having to send registers. Is there a way to add a static (or fixed) registration to a PJSIP Extension. I want it to work as if there is an active SIP Registration but with with just a hard coded contact. Of course this would require my IP of the SIP Client to not change.

Thanks in advance.

PJSIP has endpoints, not extensions. Your use of the term extension and the need to ask this question make me wonder if you are actually asking about FreePBX.

For Asterisk, you simply use contact=, rather than max_contacts=, in the type=aor section. Rumours are that FreePBX only allows this for what it call trunks, unless you resort to custom configuration files.

Question 1 sounds like it is an Asterisk related question, but I don’t know the answer, but assume that the answer is no.

There is no option to disable the behavior stated in question 1.

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