Adding Enter Extension Option to mailbox options?


Recently one of my bosses put in a ticket about adding an option to the list of mailbox options. The example of what he had wanted was this

What he means to say is if you call, or are forwarded to voicemail and he left a busy message saying press # and enter 702 to go to Joe Blow. # being a enter your extension type option. How do you add an option to the mailbox option list, and two, how would you accomplish this?



The Voicemail application will exit if any of the following DTMF digits are received: 0 - Jump to the 'o' extension in the current dialplan context. * - Jump to the 'a' extension in the current dialplan context. This application will set the following channel variable upon completion: VMSTATUS - This indicates the status of the execution of the VoiceMail application. The possible values are: SUCCESS | USEREXIT | FAILED

You can use 0 or * by creating an o or a extension in the context where the voicemail application is called. Then within the o or a extension create the ability to dial another extension.


Thanks for the prompt reply. Forgive me for asking, but in which file does this code snippit go? and would I just use a Goto() function to push to an extension in my extensions.conf? I already have a "Enter your extension now " context, so this should be quite simple from what I see here.

Somewhere in your dialplan (extensions.conf) you have something like this:

In that same context add something like this:

exten => a,1,Goto(your directory prompt extension) exten => o,1,Goto(your directory prompt extension)

Thanks again Davevg!!! but the a one… Your a genius!