Adding and editing extensions

Everytime I try to add or edit an extension I get the following in the log-

[2023-03-31 13:41:23] WARNING[20935] db.c: Couldn’t execute statement: attempt to write a readonly database

What database it trying to be written?

This is the system database. This is where Asterisk keeps track of subscriptions, dialgroups and other stuff. You should not need to access it for changing an extension.

What are you trying to do? Which version of Asterisk?

In FreePBX I go to applications extensions edit make some changes and get the aforementioned warning in the log

Current Asterisk Version: 16.21.1

This is not a FreePBX forum. For a start adding an extension in FreePBX also adds an endpoint, but the two are separate in raw Asterisk. You want

Asterisk 16 is no longer supported, except for security fixes.

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