Adding agent in a queue

Can someone help on how to make my exsisting queue to have a supervisor monitor all incoming calls. Typically i need the sup account to ring once an incoming call for the queue group ring. my extensions.conf sample below.

exten => _864,1,Set(CALLERID(all)=“MSW-Bets”)
exten => _864,n,Set(tension=MSW-Bets)
exten => _864,n,Macro(selfrec,${tension})
exten => _864,n,Set(CDR(userfield)=MSW-Bets)
exten => _864,n,Queue(tb_queue,dntr,50)
exten => _864,n,Voicemail(860@asterisk-mnl)
exten => _864,n,Hangup

sup account number is 850. while the members of my queue(tb_queue) are 851 to 855. also 850 thus not need to login to the queue.

many thanks.

what does the super needs to do with this information??

just to see if a call will enter the queue?
is so why not pu a dial command before the queue enters
with 1 ring like

exten => _864,n,Set(CDR(userfield)=MSW-Bets)
exten => _864,n,Dial(sip/extensions to be ringed|2)
exten => _864,n,Queue(tb_queue,dntr,50)

Yes for the sup to know that there is an incoming call and monitor if someone really answers :smile:

Could it be possible to merged both line. i was thinking that a any point the sup will also know the duration of the incoming call it was answered before going to the voicemail.

exten => _864,n,Dial([SIP/850]sip/extensions to be ringed|2)
exten => _864,n,Queue(tb_queue,dntr,50)