Add voicemail, external to asterisk

I’m working on a solution where I have a script that puts voicemail in place behind asterisk’s back, so to speak. Is there a way, once the files are in place, to alert the asterisk process to the presence of these new files and alert the extensions appropriately?

I’ve been searching, but I obviously don’t have the right terms. I can’t find anything relevant.

dialplan reload
module reload xxxxx


[quote=“david55”]dialplan reload
module reload xxxxx

Tried, doesn’t work unfortunately.

Are you saying you are creating the msgXXXX.txt and msgXXXX.wav files independently of the voicemail application?

Have you tried setting pollmailboxes = yes in voicemail.conf?

THERE IT IS! Dang, I knew I had seen this somewhere before, but I couldn’t remember the name of the options.

Mas bueno, gracias.