Voicemail notification via phone call

I asked this in the ASterisknow forum, but though I would ask it here since I have gotten 0 replies.

I am in the process of switching to asterisknow from an old comdial system - however, our boss loves the fact that the old comdial system’s voicemail can call our “on call tech” when a voicemail arrives in our “emergency mailbox”.

Is this a possibility? I am having no luck finding anything. Yes, I can have it email, or just setup followme to ring the Tech’s cell phone - but it is nice to have the customer leave a message, and then have the voicemail system call our phone and say “you have a message” - and it redials our cell every 15 min until the voicemail is marked unread.

Any options or ideas?


Yes its possible but maybe need a litlle extra work, you can create an script wich run unders CRON and check the folder INBOX for each extensions an then originate a call to the extension.

You can probably do it by forking the dialplan, when using Asterisk. I don’t know whether AsteriskNow would provide sufficient control to do this.


Externnotify wil allow you to do this but is global.

If its just for a single extension then you could set that up as a dedicated context and use the h extension. or use the h extension and have a variable to define if external call notification is required or not, This is what we do for SMS notification of voicemails


I found and was trying the script from BobH (trixbox.org/forums/trixbox-f … one?page=1)

The only problem is it doesn’t appear to work. I can dial *26 and set it to enabled and set the number I want dialed out. But when I get a voicemail, I never get called.

(I am a noob at this). I did change the channel to zap/g0 and also typed asterisk -rvvv and I can see it run vm-notify macro… question is, the vm-notify macro is in extensions_additional and I have to add 1 line to the end of that - the script shown looks like they just keep a copy of that macro in extensions_custom also… This is why I am lost…

Could you expand on the ExternNotify a little? What does it do exactly?