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I am new to asterisk and do not know how to create users in asterisk. I followed the guide and added 2 users in the sip.conf. I have to add some 50 users and the sip.conf file does not look like the right place to hold so many users. Also, is there a database (mysql) needed?

Presently with the 2 or 3 users added in the sip.conf file, I am able to register but not able to call. Asterisk is sending back 404 User not found.

How to solve this?

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after you insert new sip accounts into sip.conf you need to reload sip, on the CLI you need to type:

you can store all the accounts as well into a database, you need to install the asterisk addons, a good place to start is:

on our website we have also some tutorials how to install Asterisk with the addon package:

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To be able to call you will need:

[ul]Users confined in sip.conf
Dial plans in sip.conf
extensions for users confined in extensions.conf[/ul]

you might want to try that mysql though.

also a good database might be LDAP. (i use it currently and i got it working quite nicely)