I’m new in Asterisk.
I read several materials that I found. And I setup Asterisk successfully and made a test call.

We are a company that make outbound call only for telesales. And we have a local call center software but we want to change it because of high costs. I couldn’t figure it out how can we work with using Asterisk…

We import call lists(customer name and phone numbers) to database(SQL Server)
and then our agents login to system and wait for a new customer popup screen to call.
Then system alerts for a new customer info to call.
Then agents call the customer and save the information to our CRM applications.
Then wait for another call.

We have 50 agents. And 20 guys for X company, 30 guys for Y company.
And 10 guys work in QQQ project in X company, 10 guys work in WWW project in X company, etc…
So we have skillsets and agents can move to another skillsets.
Basically this is what we do.

How can I do this with Asterisk?
As I understand I need to develop an ACD module for distribute data to agents. And I need to start to call at client.
ACD module distributes data to agents.
And the client module calls the customers…

I want to use SQL Server, because our CRM modules work on SQL Server and I want to integrate CRM and Asterisk systems. And we have knowledge in SQL Server, etc…
And we have developers and they are good in C#.Net technologies.

Any help, suggestion will appreciated kindly.