ACD Question - Newbie questioning installing Asterisk

Hey all! Virgin here at Asterisk.

I’m thinking about implementing a small VOIP solution for my team, and would like to toss a question, based on what I want to accomplish.

I want VOIP for two reasons, both are for my helpdesk support calls:

1). To be able to answer helpdesk calls, even for those that “work from home” via our VPN.

2). To be able to utilize my timezone offices. For example, if the call comes in between 7am-5pmEST, send it to these agents. IF time=5pm-6pm EST, send it to my CST agents. If time=6pm-8pmEST, send it to my California agents.

Is this possible with Asterisk? Errr… is #2 possible? (obviously, #1 is) If so, I’ll do the research on “how”. Right now, I’m just evaluating.


Yes on both accounts

Thanks, jak5x5,

For my second question, does Asterisk support routing ACD calls by time? I just thought it would do round-robin, or least-calls or something. Does Asterisk weigh routing agents by time as well?

Since you say “yes”, is this out of the box, or does extensive programming need to be done.

I’m a novice at Asterisk.