Accidently deleted extensions.conf with RM command

I accidently deleted the extensions.conf file using the RM command, I have not reloaded it since so the file must be running still in memory. How can i restore this file without disrupting service?


You can execute a rasterisk -x “dialplan show” > /tmp/extensions.conf, but unfortunately the result cannot be directly parsed by Asterisk.

You can then try and use that to rebuild your extensions.

There is the ‘dialplan save’ command but it doesn’t give you the arguments to commands when run.

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just an aside If for some reason you reload the Asterisk configuration after rm command, there is no way to recover the information with the

Also you can use the command: dialplan save if its not reloaded.

I said you could Try and use it to rebuild your extensions.conf from that output , I didn’t say it’d do it for you :slight_smile: