About ivr music

Hi Guys,

When listening to music on Asterisk, the call was interrupted. And I want to continue where I left off. How can I do it ?

Well, I would ask the person you were listening to to continue where they left off…

Oh, you were not in a call…

How do you want to receive any information/help without providing any info on your setup…

How do you listen to music, how was the call interrupted…?

You can think,

There’s a book. 50 pages in total. Separate audio files are available for each page.

Called from outside to the system. Listen to 10 pages in total. I want him to resume the same number when he calls again.

So it must continue from file 10 or 11.

How could that be? Or is it possible

I’m guessing you are trying to implement this with music on hold use explicit playback, instead, with a file per page, and store the page number in a global variable or database record, between files.