About call files and hang up detection

Hello everybody.

Iam new in asterisk, but iam very happy , working on this amazing framework.
I have a question.

I create a call file to make automatic calls, i show you:

vim test.call

add this:
Channel: DAHDI/g0/my cellphone
Application: Playback

chown asterisk:asterisk test.call

mv test.call /var/spool/asterisk/outgoing/

and its work, system make a call to my number.

I need to make: if this call is cut. system make a recall to my number again,
again if this call is cut, system make a recall to my number again.

How can i do this ? with asterisk and call files?

any idea? :bulb:

If You mean with cut, that the message is not completly played by the Playback-application before the channel is hung up You need to deal with this in the h-extension in Your dialplan (You’ll need to compare the expected playtime against the answertime of Your call and “regenerate” a callfile when needed) .
If You mean with cut, that the call was never answered just have a look at the several parameters for call-files concerning retry-handling.