Aastra/Trixbox Incoming Call Splash

If you are using Trixbox with Aastra phones (in a business environment) you may find some PHP code I’ve written useful.

The code will alert everybody in a pickup group with the callerid of the incoming call to a member callgroup. I’m explaining this poorly, but basically it let’s you see who is calling the person in your call group so you know whether to pick up the call and how to answer.

We’ve been using this for several months now and people find it very useful.

You need Trixbox because the code currently looks up call groups in the MySQL database. You need the latest version of Aastra firmware because the system uses XML push to alert the member phones. You need PHP 5 because of the class syntax although you may be able to modify for PHP 4.

P.M. me if interested.

P.S. The code is not super clean but it works well. (It ain’t that bad either though…)