Aastra 6757i and the 3.2 Firmware

Hi guys,

Has anyone up graded there phones to the 3.2 firmware?

We did it on a couple of our phones and since the upgrade we have experienced a doubling up of the ringer tone when making calls. We reverted back to the 2.6 version and everything was OK again.

I called Aastra and they said to down grade back to 2.6 as 3.2 may not have been tested with Asterisk yet.

Anyone have any idea’s?

This is the upgrade document from 2.6 to 3.2 but I cannot see anything referencing “All phones” which would cause this to happen. Most of the other upgrades are for the 6739i phones and so should be discounted?


I guess do what Aastra has said, or to assist them , Upgrade the handset , and then do a restore to factory default (Allways do this after upgrading) then restart again and let it pick up its config.

Then make test calls and record any issues.