A2Billing with Asterisk ----- Please Help

I want to create SIP/IAX2 users on a2billing and want them to dial all the other extensions that i have regiestered with sip.conf or iax.conf.
do i have have to put some extra scripting or what…
here is the scenario

sip.conf users
iax.conf users

a2billing users
… sip.conf users and iax.conf users can communicate with eacth other. but i am not able to dila from a2iiling users.that this has created…
if anyone can help me in this regard. i will be gratefull t o him

I’m having the same problem here.

I found a way but it’s not 100% what I want.

I setup sip_iax_friends=YES, created all my extention numbers in a2billig and every time i dial i have to tell a2billing if this call is a free sip/iax friend ou not (dialing 9 when the prompt ask fot it).

Does anyone have a better solution?

I have the semilar problem

I create a customer with a2billing and i find the context is callingcard,but there is no callingcard in extension.conf just have custom-calingcard. So I call everyuser ,not only sip user ,iax user but also a2billing user,it always tell me 404 not found error.Is this a2billing bug? or I am wrong?
By the way ,what is the relationship between customer,card,sip friend,iax friend,voucher ,tarfillgroup ,ratecard,and payment?I have configured a sip trunk by AMP and works well.but i cant see the trunk in a2billing?Why?

What’s the difference between AMP and a2billing?I think everyone who are created by any thes two gui tools should can comunicate with each other.