Large Phonebook Import

Our accounting group had us switch Telco plans and the new plan does not include CNAM information. I have extracted old CNAM info from our CDR’s and would like to import this into the asterisk phonebook as a caller ID lookup source. Is there a limit as to the number of records I could use with the Asterisk Phone book? would it be better to have it lookup caller ID from an SQL database? Are there any doc’s on what that database would need to look like?

I don’t know what you mean by the ‘Asterisk Phonebook’ but you should be able to stuff as many caller id’s as you want into either the internal asterisk database or an ODBC connected data store of your choice.

Personally I’d use ODBC and store the data in a MySQL database.

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If you are talking about the FreePBX Phonebook module, you should address the question on the FreePBX forum, but if you decide to code you own caller id lookup tool, you might use CALLERID function and ODBC + MYSQL or any other DB who it is supported by ODBC